Performance Consulting

Many traditional training programs focus on an individuals learning needs versus their performance needs.  YOUnique Coaching will help your organization focus on how to maximize learning opportunities within your department and ensure that those newly learned skills are transferred to the job.  

Many human resource professional focus on identifying training needs, designing training programs to fill those needs, and then developing training activities to support the learnings.  Going forward organizations need to stop focusing on what employees need to learn (training) and start to focus on what they must do be be successful (performance).  

YOUnique Coaching consultants will assist your organization in identifying how to implement a Performance based model that will measure accountablity, performance change and cost benefits.  
Organization Development

Organizations today need to be able to change in a timely manner to meet the ever changing market conditions or they will cease to be competitive rather quickly.   YOUnique Coaching consultants can work with your leadership team to assist them in identifying internal and external factors that maybe holding you back from unlimited potential.  Let us help yor organization become a leaner, flexible to meet changing market conditions, increase the bottom line and be more customer focused.  

YOUnique Coaching consultants will work with your organization to assess your 'Readiness for a Social Technical Systems Change'.  The assessment will focus on various internal and external driving factors or the roadblocks to change.  
Training Development and Job Analysis

Sucessful development of training or learning programs are essential to ensure that goals are tied back to the organizations mission and to the individuals learning performance plans.  YOUnique Coaching consultants will help your organization assess learning needs, identify skill gaps and programs that improve performance.  

Many times employees job descriptions or expectations did not match what the employee thought they needed to do to be successful.  Let YOUnique Coaching consultants work with your leadership team to conduct job analysis reviews and implement plans to close those gaps.
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